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Imagine an epic event that brings Writers, Authors, and Readers together under one roof! Author-Con is an event for all ages and walks of life. Anyone can enjoy the exciting world of literature.

Many pieces go into a successful publication, and at Author-Con you'll get to interact with and learn from the different experts involved in the world of writing and publishing.

This Year At Author-Con:

Chris Heimerdinger

Daniel Handler

(AKA Lemony Snicket)

Ken 'Spanky' Moskowitz

Lance Conrad

Betsy Schow

Leslie Householder

Inside Author-Con

CONNECT:  Make connections with authors and storytellers.  Find out how our authors overcame some of their greatest obstacles to become who they are today.

EXPLORE:  Explore the power of literature and its direct connection with freedom, both worldwide and within your own personal life.  Find new authors and new stories to fall in love with!

HEAL: Celebrate the joy and power of literature to inspire, uplift, comfort, and heal the human soul. Find your safe place in books!

BECOME:  Learn to become the hero of your own story. Find inspiration and instruction in how to become the leader you were meant to be through the reading and telling of stories.


Author-Con Is For:


~Meet Authors you know and love


~Discover new books and Authors


~Hear Authors tell their stories


~Get your books signed


The Power Of Literature

A person’s character can be shaped by many influences in life, starting from birth. Of all of the influences that shape someone, books have always been among the most powerful.


You could say that books have helped shape and create everyone you know in some fashion or another. From your favorite Founder, CEO or Public Figure to your highest-performing Employee.

What People Are Saying:

"I'm super excited to sponsor Author-Con! I believe there is a book within all of us and when we can learn to write, publish and market our books we can help change and heal the world. If you have ever read a book that motivated you to make life changes, then you know what I'm talking about. Hooray for Author-Con."

- Rebecca Engle Smith, 

Author and Founder of 

Rogue Authors Revolution

“I am so glad I found out about Author Con and was able to attend.  As a reader it was thrilling to meet authors who’s works I knew and become acquainted with new authors.  As an aspiring writer the experiences and knowledge they shared was priceless, so when I do get a book published you all can know that Author Con helped me to achieve what had previously seemed an insurmountable task.”

                                                                    ~Aurellia Saunders

"Do you know how excited I am {for Author-Con}? I am so excited! It's like an art museum but it's literature! How {exciting} would that be? 

"My mom is an artist and she worked at an art museum. All my life I remember going to museums. I got to see these amazing works of art that people have done and have that experience. I thought, "How do we get that for writers?" and now Author-Con is here!"

-Tara C. Allred, Author of 

the award-winning novel 

The Other Side Of Quiet

“This event has been an absolute dream!  Being surrounded by readers and writers all eager to share their talents and support one another is exhilarating and inspiring.  I’m so glad I could volunteer and I will DEFINITELY be back next year!  AUTHOR-CON 2020!”


                                                                        ~Kimilyn Poulson

"Author-Con is going to create more opportunities. Maybe there's an author and a would-be reader out there who are just going to connect. They're going to have something in common or something that sparks an idea in one or the other, and that's really what's going to start them into this lifetime of reading and exploring these worlds!"


-  Lance Conrad, Author of 

the Historian Tales series.

“Thank you so very much for ALL you each did individually and collectively as a family to pull off a remarkable first Author-Con!  From the moment I heard about Author-Con, I knew this had the potential to be a unique opportunity for authors, readers, librarians, and aspiring writers to connect.  This vision of a place to gather for all who love the art of stories, to unite together in celebration and respect, sounded amazing!  And I was so not disappointed.  I loved every minute of this spectacular event.  Thank you for the sacrifices that go beyond my comprehension.  I can only begin to fathom the time, energy, and expenses that went into this epic event.  As an author, I have participated in a lot of events.  Some I’ve enjoyed more than others.  But Author-Con stands above them all.  I will cherish the memories I made, the new friendships, and the wonderful opportunities created through Author-Con.  Thank you!  Thank you!”


                                                                        ~Tara C. Allred

“Author-Con has been such a fun and inspiring event.  I have connected with friends, authors, and readers that have inspired me and given me knowledge to continue on my Journey.  I will be coming back every year to keep the inspiration of writing alive.  Thank you Author-Con for an amazing event.”


                                                                        ~Rachel Miner

“I am very grateful to have witnessed a brilliant idea coming to lite from the birth of a creative mind.  This has eased me out of my mindset that authors were next to famous celebrities, who had no interest in wanting to get to know their fans.  I appreciate the authors who came in and I had no idea even existed.  I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity.”



“So grateful I flew up from California to attend two amazing days at Author-Con.  What a memorable event.  The organizers were so gracious and attentive and I so hope to be able to attend all future Author-Con events.”


                                                                        ~Ruth Allred Whiting; Glendale, CA

“I really enjoyed being able to meet the authors and listen to them speak.  I found many of their life stories interesting.  Finding out tips on writing was also nice.  I attended with my daughter who is interested in being a writer.  I know this really helped her become more motivated…Over all I enjoyed the Author-Con and found meeting the authors invaluable.”


                                                                        ~Andrew Peterson

“Author-Con was filled with opportunities!  Whether it was learning marketing skills or just finding a good book to read, everyone was able to show their love of literature clearly.  I can’t wait to come back next year!”


                                                                        ~Rachael Jensen

“The vendors were all wonderful!  I love the entire concept of not only being able to purchase local, wonderful, artistic books, but I am also able to meet the authors!  It makes books better to have a personal connection to the person who created them.  Great people.  Great environment.  Great concept.  I will be back year after year.”


                                                                        ~Jeff Draper

“I really enjoyed the conference.  There was lots of good material for an aspiring author and someone who’s been writing for a while.  There were good books to buy, panels where I could ask questions, and a well-rounded balance of authors and lectures.  It was awesome, and I learned new things!”


                                                                        ~Kimi Grant

“I had a blast at Author-Con!  The set-up was fantastic.  I met a ton of great readers and authors, and will definitely come back again.”


                                                                        ~Frank L. Cole

“I enjoyed speaking at Author-Con!  So many fans and aspiring writers to meet.  Hearing their stories and their goals will stay with me long after I go home.  I’ll definitely be back next year.”


                                                                        ~Betsy Schow

“The staff at Author-Con treated the vendors and volunteers with extreme kindness and welcome since day one.  Everything was run with their best of their ability and I look forward to attending next year.  It was a wonderful opportunity.”


                                                                        ~Emma Archuleta

“The support, kindness and enthusiasm was personal and very sincere.”


                                                                        ~Dr. Janeel Henderson

“I really enjoyed the chance to go to Author-Con this year.  It was so much fun to meet all the amazing authors and hear their stories of how they became authors.  It was well worth the time to be there.  I will go again next year!”


                                                                        ~Susan Chadaz

“This is super cool and a really good opportunity for new authors!  I hope maybe next year I’ll be able to sell something myself.  Looking forward to all the new authors and books. J”


                                                                        ~Morgan Meiling; illustrator for ‘The Ash Throne’

“I greatly enjoyed the panels and speeches…I’d like to participate again next year.”


~Alan Bradbury

“I loved the event to showcase my works.  Overall the experience was so tremendously worthwhile.  With the exposure to my books, the educational value of meeting with other authors, and the connections I made for the future.”


                                                                        ~Travis Douglas

“I absolutely loved Author-Con!  Everyone was so helpful and everything was so organized and well planned out.  I loved being able to work with the kids at the Discovery Corner.  We created many characters and had so much fun coloring and writing stories.  There was something for all ages and interests.  An awesome event!”


                                                                        ~Jessilyn Peaslee

“What a great experience.  I will be back next year with my second book.  Thanks.”


                                                                        ~Joe Perkins

“The creators were so nice.  It was the first convention, and I had a lot of fun.  Meeting new authors and meeting one of my favorites, Betsy Schow.  Can’t wait until next year!”


                                                                        ~Ysenia Noble

“I really enjoyed this event!  It provided a great opportunity to connect with readers and other authors, and I was able to make some neat and meaningful connections there.  It was very inspiring to see the passion of other authors and hear from many who worked so hard to pursue their goals.  I definitely plan on attending this again.”


                                                                        ~Austin J. Hepworth, Esq.

Author-Con News and Information

Upcoming Events

Sadly, due to this series of unfortunate events, we are forced to postpone our AUTHOR-CON: A CELEBRATION OF LITERATURE FOR ALL! event from 28-29 August 2020 to 11-12 June 2021, still to be held at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  For those who have purchased tickets or booth rentals, and these dates no longer work, please email me for a refund at: rebeccaenglesmith@gmail.com

What's Included:

  • 10x10 Booth Space: Space to set up a booth at Author-Con for 2 days (August 28th and 29th, 2020).  Meet thousands of excited readers and sell your books!
  • ​ 2 Free Tickets: Two lanyards for you and an assistant to get into the event plus two free tickets for family or friends!


  •  Opportunity for Stage Presence: Time on the main stage to do a reading from your book, present your books, or talk about your inspiration can be requested.
  • Networking: Rub shoulders with other authors in your genre. Get inspiration from other best selling authors!

Sponsorship Information

By Becoming an Author-Con Sponsor You Get:

  •  Tax benefits
  •  Exposure for your business
  •  A 10x10 booth at Author-Con
  •  Allotted stage time
  •  Bonus Tickets to Author-Con

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