Writing For Fun

To approach writing with so much seriousness that it loses its fun and enjoyment is a tragedy.

Writing is not only an expression of self at its best, but it is also an art form. True art comes when the artist lets go of expectations and opinions…when an artist allows him/herself to have FUN.

Just like getting into ‘the zone’ to do any other creative or concentrated activity, the usual practices and exercises apply to the writing ‘zone’.

Be fed.

Drink water.

Get fresh air.

Physical exercise won’t hurt either.

There, now you’re in the zone and ready to write.

How to get started? A runner wouldn’t start running without stretching and before that, getting their running shoes on.

To write you want to be in a good spot to get started. A quiet or peaceful place is usually ideal.

Choose your favorite vintage type-writer and parchment…

Just kidding, don’t let some silly resistance like having the right tool for writing get in your way.

Grab a pen, pencil or laptop and get to it.

Just like you wouldn’t run without your shoes (most likely), it makes it hard to write without a pen and pad of paper in front of you.


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